Jiashan XC Washer Co., Limited
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Product Category
flat head
Standard Category
AS /NZS 1252-1996
ANSI B 18.22.1-1965(R1998)
ASME 18.2.6M-2012
ASME B 18.2.6-2006
ASTM B 18.2.6-2010
ASTM F 436-2010
ASTM F 436-2011
BS 3410(-1)-1961
BS 3410(-2)-1961
BS 4320-1968
BS 4395-1-1969
DIN 1052-2004
DIN 1052-2008
DIN 125(-1)-1990
DIN 125(-2)-1990
DIN 126-1990
DIN 127(A)-1987
DIN 127(B)-1987
DIN 433(-1)-1990
DIN 433(-2)-1990
DIN 434-1990
DIN 434-2000
DIN 435-1989
DIN 436-1990
DIN 440(R)-1990
DIN 440-1990
DIN 6340-1987
DIN 6797(J)-1988
DIN 6916-1989
DIN 7349-1974
DIN 7989-1974
DIN 9021-1990
DIN 988(P)-1990
EN 14399(-6 Chamfered washer)-2005
GB /T 96.1-2000
GB /T 97.1-1985
ISO 7089-2000
ISO 7091-2000
ISO 7093-1-2000
JIS B 1256(S)-1978
NF E 25-513
NF E 25-514
YJT 6001
Others USS-
Others 芬德防护垫圈

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Telephone: +86-573-84956182
Mobile Phone: +86-13456351208
Fax: +86-573-84584363
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 About Us
Jiashan Xiaochun Metal Products Factory is specialized in producing flat washers, metal stamping parts manufacturers, professional manufacturing and export all kinds of gaskets for more than 20 years. The main products include: carbon steel flat washers, stainless steel flat washers, F436 high strength flat washers, F436 bevel washers, spring washers, Fender protective washers, wave washers and various non-standard washers and various metal stamping parts. Our gasket in strict accordance with DIN German standard, JIS standard, ASME (IFI) American standard, ISO international standards, AS Australian standard, BS British standard, NF standard, GB GB and other standard production, our products are exported to the United States , Canada, Japan, Europe, Singapore, the Middle East and other parts of the world, product quality by domestic and foreign customers alike.

Jiashan Xiaochun is a "quality and cheap" is known for the factory, the company covers an area of ​​about 6000 square meters, the monthly output of about 600 tons, the annual output of more than 6500 tons, we strictly control each step to ensure that The quality of the product is the first.

We insist on providing customers with competitive prices, quality quality, punctual delivery and efficient service as the core. Our company and the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone Jiashan Xitang Industrial Park, from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Jiangsu only 1.5 hours by car, convenient transportation, welcomed the new and old customers come to visit the guide, business negotiations.